Welcome to my photographic world. 

I spend most of my time on the Texas Gulf Coast, based in Port Aransas on Mustang Island--a windswept sand bar teaming with wildlife (and sometimes tourists).  It is home to the magnificent roseate spoonbill, a whooping crane family, baby sea turtles, frolicking dolphins, hungry coyotes, lurking rattlesnakes, and soulful surfers.  The beauty is sometimes subtle and muted--you have to look for it.  

My other regular photo base is winter on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii--home to massive waves of clear blue water pounding onto pristine sand beaches, swaying coconut trees, rainbows, whales, and radical surfers.  The beauty hits you in the face.  

And then there are travels . . .   

I hope my photos will make you feel like you are there with me.

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Mary Goldsmith ~ Port Aransas, Texas


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