Join me behind the lens as I explore the wind-swept beauty and biological

diversity of the barrier island I have called home for several decades,

and places beyond.  

Mary Goldsmith ~ Port Aransas, Texas

For Texas Surf Camps, choose your photos from below and order digital photos directly from me or prints, collages, canvas wraps, metal prints, frames and more from Mpix using my photos.  

NOTE:  Surf camp photos are often taken under extreme conditions ranging from glaring sunlight to overcast skies, with zinc on the faces and reflections of pink or blue from the surfboards.  I edit my photos to enhance the surfer in the conditions that exist without changing the environment.  If ordering items from Mpix or other vendors, I recommend that you DO NOT use color correction.  It has been reported to darken the photos.  All photos are high resolution and are capable of refinement, especially from the digital phots.  If you have problems with items ordered from Mpix or others with color correction that darkens the photo, contact Mpix to correct it or let me know and I will help.  I love taking these photos and want to see them in the best form for your memories.      

For other photos on paper, canvas or metal, please send me an email to Mary with the name of the photo(s) you are interested in and desired size and format.  I will email you a price list including various sizes and mediums for your print.  All photos from my Facebook page are also available for printing.  


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